Domian Paving specializes in Concrete and Asphalt Paving in the St. Louis area.


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"Underpromised and over-delivered. Thanks!
RR - Ziegenhein

"Our driveway was in terrible shape.  We hired Domian Paving and couldn't be happier.  The work was completed in a timely manner and our new driveway is great!  Larry and his team provided quality work and we highly recommend them."
DW - St. Louis, MO



We specialize in residential driveways, but our services include:

  • asphalt driveways from scratch
  • asphalt drives removed & replaced
  • widening & additions, including circle driveways
  • asphalt resurfacing (overlay) of concrete & asphalt driveways
  • asphalt paving of existing or old rock driveways
  • commercial & industrial repairs & overlay resurfacing, including sawcutting & removal repairs to all types of paved streets, drives & lots
  • street & utility access repairs
  • rubberized hot crackfilling for streets & parking lots
  • repair, replace or install storm water drains in pavement
  • install drain tubing or ground water control to eliminate or move saturated base or sub-base water from weeping through pavement
  • stone borders & walls
  • treated wood edges & retaining walls
  • bike, walking & cart paths
  • rock work, including grading & compaction
  • excavation & grading
  • culvert pipes installed in aprons & drive approaches
  • asphalt speed bumps, water swales, wedging to move water away from foundations
  • machine-formed asphalt curbing
  • hand-formed asphalt curbing
  • commercial & residential sealcoating, both squeegee & spray applications
  • chip & seal private roads
  • concrete flat work including sidewalks & patios

We also do work for many rehabbers, real estate and management companies because of our ability to add dramatic curb appeal at low cost.



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